Teach For Whose America?

Recently, community concerns about school safety have included dangerous school environments that allow pedophiles access to our children.

In addressing this safety issue, we must consider the lack of safety regulations and accountability measures of semi-regulated Charter Schools who employ specially certified teachers.

Teach for America states:
“Corps members don’t have to have studied education prior to applying to the corps. In fact, most corps members did not. But nearly all corps members must receive a state-issued teaching credential, certificate, license or permit before they’re hired by a school and must be considered “highly qualified” under federal law.”

“Since most corps members haven’t completed a traditional course of study in education before teaching, they’re considered “non-traditional” teachers in most states.”

The credentials they receive are often referred to as “alternative” certificates or licenses, though each state has different specific requirements and rules around these credentials.” Teach For America

This is the “highly qualified” teacher that the federal government wants to place in our large urban districts with our neediest children?

New York State Education Law concerning Charter Schools states:
“A charter school is free to organize around a core mission, curriculum, theme, or innovative teaching model. A charter school controls its own budget and employs its own teachers and staff. In return for this freedom, a charter school must demonstrate success within five years or risk losing a subsequent five year renewal of its charter.”

The most conducive environment for pedophiles is one where there is access to many children and where there are few measures of accountability. They can victimize our children for five years before disappearing into another charter school.

These are our children!

We must stop Charter Schools from proliferating within our public school system and make every neighborhood public school a successful, child centered, positive, family learning environment where parents know that their children are safe because they know and interact with the entire school community who work together to provide the safest possible educational experience for everyone.

When we focus on the children the solutions are simple.

Join the Movement to Save Our Children!

One thought on “Teach For Whose America?

  1. This isn’t a new thing. It has been this way for years. Somebodies made a stink and they had to make it legal for them to work in our schools. Remember the gym “guy” that bit Butch’s ear?

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