Just One More Thing

With Superintendent Vargas looking to colleges and universities to “rescue” city schools, the district should certainly have taken advantage of the opportunity to expose as many of its students, Grade 4 and up, to the insights and attitudes of one of our nation’s premiere Black male television journalists and authors.

It would have been prudent of district leaders to encourage principals and teachers to send a contingency of students to the event from each school, if not each grade level. Imagine the encouragement our children would have received in seeing their peers, on stage, performing to their best, and receiving positive public acknowledgement.

Allendale Columbia was represented as they took their reserved seats at the front of the auditorium.

It is even more important for children who live in poverty to know and understand that they don’t have to stay impoverished. Providing role models proving they can educate their way out is critical.

This is the type of lack in leadership decision-making that creates the disparity between the education of the children of the wealthy and the children of the poor.

This is where the education “gap” begins.

The tickets were a dollar, the transportation costs would be reimbursed and the auditorium, nearly empty.

Why weren’t Rochester’s inner-city youth exposed to the positive, encouraging, uplifting, powerful message that Tavis Smiley brought to those who attended the event, the message he brings to his viewers and his readers on Public radio and in books?

Why wasn’t East High School’s auditorium filled with juniors and seniors eager to hear the message of our past leaders so they have an idea of where to begin their struggle for equality in an America that boasts a “growing middle class”?

It is time we change the was we look at education, its intent, and its outcomes.

Taking advantage of opportunities to show our children how wonderful they are is imperative.

All of our children deserve an excellent education.

All of our children deserve to be exposed to all of the positive role models that work to improve their future.

Join the Movement to Save Our Children!

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