We’ve Had Coffee, Cookies, and Conversation – Now It’s Time For Change

The recently executed initiatives by President White are important. Creating relationships is the first step to building a cooperative and productive work experience for everyone.

Unfortunately, the initiatives must go beyond the coffee, cookies, and conversation stage in order for true relationships of respect and cooperation to be developed.

District leaders often present opportunities for parents and the community to become involved. They simply do not realize that the parents in this district don’t have time to spend hours having coffee, cookies, and conversation when no effective change occurs.

Parents have been to meetings, they have become involved, they are still involved and our children are still failing because parents, teachers, students, family, and community members are being asked to become involved in supporting a system that is designed to perpetuate the failure of individuals living within a certain level of economic status, poverty.

Once again we will witness the cycle of involvement wind down as energetic and excited stakeholders meet for coffee, cookies, and conversation. Upon realizing that the system is still failing to provide a certain group of children the education they deserve and require in order to become successful adults, they become tired and disheartened.

It is time for action. It is time for change. It is time we become responsible adults and recognize that every child is our child and if our child deserves an excellent education, every child deserves an excellent education.

It is the responsibility of every adult in this nation to ensure that every child in this nation has the opportunity to make this country great by taking pride in doing their best for themselves, their families, their communities, and their world.

Respect, integrity, and pride in a job well done, cannot be measured with standardized tests yet they are the qualities we should be developing in our children through a developmentally appropriate, child centered, public education.

We cannot change the system for America’s children before we change the system for our children.

Coffee, cookies, and conversation are a wonderful start, now let’s move toward change.

Join the Movement to Save Our Children!

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