The New Blue

There are “Seven Critical Components” to the new Blueprint for RESPECT.

The first:
A Culture of Shared Responsibility and Leadership: “Educators take collective ownership for student learning; student learning (is) at the center of all such decisions.”

There is a stark difference between “student learning” and the educational development of a child.

A child learns what is taught, a child understands what is experienced.

The second:
Top Talent, Prepared for Success: “We should expand the most successful programs, help other programs improve, and close down the lowest-performing programs if they fail to improve after receiving support.”

In a system that is designed to fund failure, the successful programs are those that fail to educate our children.

The third:
Continuous Growth and Professional Development: “Effective teachers and principals are career-long learners. Effective schools and districts are learning communities where teachers and principals individually and collaboratively continuously reflect on and improve practice.”

Effective human beings are life-long learners. Most unions and districts provide a plethora of professional development opportunities, that concentrate on adhering to a system of education with no record of success in large urban areas.

Effective Teachers and Principals: “Good evaluation systems should provide feedback to educators from both colleagues and supervisors that is meaningful, credible, timely, and actionable, and should use evidence-based processes that are fair, accurate, and transparent.”

Since standardized testing meets none of these requirements, they should not be used as part of the evaluative process.

A Professional Career Continuum With Competitive Compensation: “We need to offer educators career pathways that provide opportunities for increasingly responsible roles.”

How much more of a responsible role is there than providing every child in your classroom the excellent education they deserve?

Conditions for Successful Teaching and Learning: “We must be prepared to get the best teachers and principals to the highest-need students (including low-income students, minority students, English learners, and students with disabilities), and to ensure that all students have access to the other resources.”

We must provide ALL of our children with the best teachers and principals as well as having access to other resources?

Engaged Communities: “we must make schools stronger by educators embracing community resources, expertise, and activities; and we must make communities stronger by anchoring them around highly effective schools.”

This is the opposite of closing neighborhood schools yet that is also part of their plan.

Schools are not ineffective, our current system of education is ineffective.

Change the focus, not the blueprint.

Join the Movement to Save Our Children!

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