New Year – New President – New Business

Community members may not know that the Rochester City School District monthly Business meetings will now begin with “Cookies and Commissioners” from 6:00 to 6:30. This is a half an hour opportunity to speak with attending Board members and actually have a conversation with them.

This initiative, started by newly elected Board President Van White, will continue until the end of the 2013-14 school year.

It is evident that positive changes are being made in the District, however, after laying off school counselors and social workers last year the School Board will approve the appointment of Carleen Meers as Director of Social and Emotional Intervention at a starting salary of $130,058. At an average salary of $40,000 for school social workers, this one position at Central Office could have funded three counseling positions in schools, working with children.

Luis Colon was permanently appointed Information Services Business Analyst at $82,400 per year. This is approximately the cost of two teachers.

Seven Paraprofessional positions, two Psychologist positions, one Social Studies, and two Special Education positions were recalled from a preferred eligibility list.

Enrico Fermi School #17 will receive $16,290 “to receive training on differentiated instruction, high(er) order thinking skills, questioning techniques, student engagement and data analysis. PD will also include effective implementation of the dual language program and the new language progressions.”

With Board Resolutions being posted on-line, educational stakeholders can become more informed as to the workings of the district.

As the District becomes more transparent in its dealings, it becomes incumbent upon the educational community to do its due diligence and hold accountable those elected and appointed to leadership positions.

It is and will continue to be a worthwhile struggle to effect change to the system of education for our children.

Many battles have been fought and won. As we enter 2014, it is important to reflect on the improvements we have made and the mistakes we must correct.

It is the responsibility of every citizen in America to “watchdog” our leaders and help them help us create a knowledgeable, respectful, powerful, America.

Our children deserve our best to realize their best.

Join the Movement to Save Our Children!

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