Here’s A Technological Idea

According to School Board President Van White, a vote of “No Confidence” against the Superintendent has no legal bearing on the status of the Superintendent’s employment.

However, here’s how the School Board can determine how to hold the Superintendent, administrators and principals accountable for the failure of their schools to provide an adequate education for our children.

Create an on-line survey for all stakeholders in the education community to take, offering several viable measures of accountability that will insure all major decision makers in the district will be held accountable.

According to the Superintendent’s contract, employment can be terminated without financial recourse if incompetence is determined. Are there similar provisions in the ASAR contract? Salary freezes and reassignments to positions with fewer responsibilities could also be options.

The outreach would actually involve school communities in the decision making process.

Each School Board member could control the information disseminated to the public by educating their liaison school communities in meetings and through Parent Connect on the success rate of the Superintendent and the individual administrator/principal.

The community, interested and involved in the process of education, can attend the monthly business meeting to be educated and to voice their opinion as to what should be done to hold all invested individuals accountable.

All responses can be posted on the district’s website for purposes of total transparency.

This is restorative justice. This is no more than we ask of our children when they make the mistake of not following the rules set for them.

In order for the system to work properly, everyone involved must be held accountable for their role in the education of our children, including the children.

Without accountability, there is chaos. The purpose of leadership is to take responsibility for the choices that are made, learn from mistakes and forge new paths out of the chaos of self-servitude.

Creating positive, engaging connections between and among all stakeholders in education can be the first step in changing the direction of the district.

Through technology, all of our voices can and must be heard.

Join the Movement to Save Our Children!

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