Then and Now

In Kindergarten then;

Children learned to play together respectfully, share, take turns, and have conversations.

Dress up was an important part of the day. There children were given the opportunity to explore various career options. Imagination was a key component of “dress up” as children pretended to be whatever and go wherever their imaginations would inspire.

A painting easel allowed children to blend primary colors and create new colors while discovering that all the colors together make black.

The sand and water table fulfilled every child’s dream, playing in water without getting in trouble. This exercised fine motor muscles and taught children about texture and other aspects of science like the difference between a liquid and a solid.

Story time and sharing circle developed reading and comprehension skills and playing with building blocks taught valuable math concepts.

Social studies involved taking walking trips to the stores, fire and police stations, and libraries in the neighborhood. Children were able to see how where they lived was a community of people working together, sharing the world with one another.

In Kindergarten now;

Children are required to enter the classroom, sit down, be quiet, and spend the first twenty minutes of class reviewing the alphabet. Then it’s time to write for another twenty minutes.

After that it’s time to move quietly to “your” spot on the rug for story time. You sit quietly while the teacher reads a story and asks questions.

Children sit quietly through specials and then it’s time to sit quietly through lunch.

The afternoon is more quiet sitting through Science and Social studies which may involve cutting or coloring. Getting ready to go home means sitting quietly and waiting to leave.

How did we, as a society, move so far away from what it actually takes to provide an excellent education for our children?

When did play become the enemy of the child and sitting quietly the new expectation?

Things haven’t changed for the children of the elite, why have they changed for the rest of our children?

Join the Movement to Save Our Children!

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