Change The Focus Not The Face

On Friday, January 10, 2014, WXXI hosted a conversation with School Board President Van Henri White.

It was a well conducted interview with callers phoning in to ask questions.

President White, an avid listener to the community voice, made some very good suggestions towards working together to find ways to work within our current system of education to successfully educate, at least, some of our children.

Mayor Warren and Superintendent Vargas agree, we must find ways to successfully educate some of our children.

Charter schools, choice schools, urban/suburban programs will work wonderfully for those children fortunate enough to become a part of the “upwardly mobile” track of corporate education which usually involves adaptation to a standardized system of information sharing designed to prepare them for the workplace.

Educating our children must not be or be seen as a business. It must become the Federally insured right of every child in America to receive an excellent, research-based, child centered, Arts driven, experiential education that engages and involves the entire family and community in the educational process.

President White asked for solutions to a system fraught with problems when the most effective action is to change the focus of education so that every child, regardless of the circumstances of their parents, can rely on their school and its emotional, physical, and instructional environment to exhibit the highest expectations of success for every member of the educational environment and to acknowledge the gifts and talents everyone brings with them each day with the goal of creating a peaceful, challenging, disciplined, and successful learning environment.

There must be a fund available to tap within the next forty-five days which is the reason President White gave for his timeline.

Would it be possible to use that money to hire a paraprofessional to help out the Kindergarten teacher with twenty-five five year olds who, everyone knows, have entered school ill prepared for the “rigor” of Kindergarten?

Change the focus of education not the face of education.

Our children deserve a system of education that places them ahead of bottom line.

Join the Movement to Save Our Children!

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