A History Lesson

In 1996 the district adopted a new reading series, Houghton Mifflin, which came with scripted lessons and an anthology of different story genres from which the children were expected to read and master all areas of English, Language Arts. The first year the new series was adopted, students received their own books and workbooks.

The second year of the series, there were no workbooks for the students. By the third year, no workbooks and students were sharing anthologies.

By year four 2001 the district was adopting another new reading series from Pearson. This happened right after No Child Left Behind was implemented.

The Pearson series eliminated the anthology and all knowledge was placed in small twelve page books that were written at four different levels of comprehension if you included the ELL version.

Math Investigations, another Pearson product, was also introduced at that time. There were no math books with this series all learning was to be a hands-on investigation into the intricacies of number sense.

As the new reading and math curricula were being implemented, State standards were being enforced and students had to learn the standards for all core subjects and be able to recite any standard when asked. Children had to know which standard was being addressed in each lesson.

Most suburban districts rejected this type of teaching as it proved to be ineffective. However, large, inner city, urban districts held fast to federal and State directives and pushed forward with NCLB requirements in order to receive funding.

In 2009 the United States Department of Education contest, Race To The Top, created a $4.35 billion budget to spur innovation and reforms in state and local district K-12 education.

District budgets were cut and if they wanted additional federal funding they had to race. Suburban public schools now had to conform to the same regulations as urban districts.

Four years after implementation in suburban districts and all of America began to recognize that our current system of education is “dumbing” our children down.

It is time to stop the madness of No Child Left Behind.

Join the Movement to Save Our Children!

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