Adults As Role Models

Adult (adj.) From Latin adultus “grown up, mature, adult, ripe,” past participle of adolescere “grow up, mature”. The word adult has taken on many different meanings today. The Wikipedia results cover the biological and legal aspects of the definition and there are also the psychological and developmental perspectives. When it comes to decision making however, […]

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Where Will Our Leaders Take Us

Both Tavis Smiley and Randi Weingarten will be speaking in Rochester today. Talk show host Tavis Smiley will be the keynote speaker for the 2014 Expressions of King’s Legacy Celebration at the Rochester Institute of Technology. Later in the evening, Smiley will host a panel discussion – The State of Race in Rochester: 50 years […]

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Pointless Political Posturing

When Assemblyman Graf began his “Fix New York Schools” campaign, reported that he sponsored legislation “to withdraw New York State from the Common Core and Race to the Top programs.” “Graf says the programs are having a detrimental impact upon our students, their parents, teachers and administrators—and on our school budgets. He contends that […]

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Mythically Speaking

The story of the seven headed Hydra in Greek mythology tells us, when battling the dragon, if you continue to cut off the lessor heads, more will grow back in their place. The only way to kill the dragon is to cut off the primary head, the one in the middle that controls the body. […]

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We’ve Had Coffee, Cookies, and Conversation – Now It’s Time For Change

The recently executed initiatives by President White are important. Creating relationships is the first step to building a cooperative and productive work experience for everyone. Unfortunately, the initiatives must go beyond the coffee, cookies, and conversation stage in order for true relationships of respect and cooperation to be developed. District leaders often present opportunities for […]

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The New Blue

There are “Seven Critical Components” to the new Blueprint for RESPECT. The first: A Culture of Shared Responsibility and Leadership: “Educators take collective ownership for student learning; student learning (is) at the center of all such decisions.” There is a stark difference between “student learning” and the educational development of a child. A child learns […]

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