More Un-Accountability

On January 2, 2014, there will be an “organizational meeting” held by the Board of Education.

The Items to be discussed and voted upon:

Resolution No. 2013-14:397
Gary Smith, concomitant with and distinct from his appointment as Director of Procurement & Supply…be and hereby is reappointed as Purchasing Agent…(No salary adjustment is noted)

Resolution No. 2013-14:398
Deborah Battle-Manns, be and hereby is appointed…as Claims Auditor for the Board of Education…(No salary noted)

Resolution No. 2013-14:399
William Ansbrow, concomitant with and distinct from his Superintendent’s Employee Group District appointment as Chief Financial Officer…be and hereby is appointed to certify payrolls of the Rochester City School District directly and through assistants…(2013 reported salary $83,655)

Resolution No. 2013-14:400
Cerri Cupples, concomitant with and distinct from her duty as Director of Accounting, be and hereby is reappointed…as treasurer of extracurricular activity funds…(2013 reported salary &92,480)

There are eight other resolutions.

The most interesting resolution to be introduced and voted upon is Resolution No. 2013-14:408
Resolved, that the Board of Education of the Rochester City School District hereby establishes the following as standard work days for elected officials and will report the following days worked to the New York State and Local Employees’ Retirement System based on the record of activities maintained and submitted by these officials to the clerk of this body:

According to the schedule, Board Commissioners are to work 6 hours a day 14 days out of the month or 84 hours a month or 21 hours a week.

Who is keeping track of all these hours? The State who is currently not holding districts accountable for the efficient and timely submission of required paper work.

Board members are not being held responsible for their district management duties, now there is one more measure of accountability to be maintained. How does this translate into student achievement?

Our educational leaders must be held accountable at all times. Hours on the job do not translate into efficient and effective work produced.

Our children deserve educational leaders who will do whatever work needs to be done to secure their educational success, regardless of the number of hours involved.

Join the Movement to Save Our Children!

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