Experiential Poverty

One of the most prestigious elementary private schools in New York State is Green Vale School. Green Vale has three levels, Early Childhood: Beginnings – Young Three’s – Nursery – Pre-K – Kindergarten, Lower School: Grades 1-5, Middle School: Grades 6-9. The Early Childhood class size is capped at 8 while the Lower and Middle School classes serve 13-16 students. 90% of their graduating 9th grade students have advanced degrees.

Fifth grade students build a large, wooden sailboat that is entered in the 5th Grade Boat Race each June.

Graduating student plaques, family style lunch, Ninth Grade Trip, First Grade Tea, Class plays each year involve all students from kindergarten through ninth grade in the production of a musical, comedy or drama every single year.

“The opportunity for creativity is matched only by the sense of pride they display as they confidently perform before their peers, teachers and families. The ninth grade production is always a grand and cherished memory for students. Winter and Spring Musical Concerts and Art Shows and Community Service Projects for all ages are ongoing, each and every year of a Green Vale student’s education.”

Allendale Columbia, one of the top private schools in the Rochester area that serves students age 3 to Grade 12. It also boasts low teacher/student ratios and a wide range of experiences.

This is the child centered, experiential, developmentally appropriate, education that is offered to children whose parents can afford private education.

This is the same education that should, can, and must be provided to children in public school.

Low teacher/student ratios, not twenty-five to thirty students in a classroom.

Experiential learning, not modular, scripted lessons that are nothing more than standardized test prep.

Foundational arts programs, not “Art on a Cart” or half hour music breaks.

Opportunities to experience different aspects of life, not classroom confinement until testing is over.

Children who live in impoverished inner city areas deserve this type of education more so than the children of the elite whose parents can afford to provide positive life experiences for their children outside of school.

All children deserve an excellent education.

Join the Movement to Save Our Children!

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