Between The Lines

Reading is fundamental to understanding the difference between the truth, what sounds like the truth, and what we want to hear.

There seems to be some opposition to Senator Flanagan’s report on the Regents Reform Agenda.

Lisa Rudley, Founding Parent, NYS Allies for Public Education, released a press statement calling Senator Flanagan’s proposed legislation an “Insult to the People of New York.”

The Executive Summary portion of Senator Flanagan’s report to Senator Skelos, Temporary President & Majority Coalition Leader states, “The Senate Standing Committee on Education initiated and held five public statewide hearings. . . The purpose was to provide an opportunity for the public and educational stakeholders to testify about their assessment of the new common core learning standards adopted by the Board of Regents in 2010 and implemented by the State Education Department (SED) in the 2012-13 school year.”

Fulfilling their purpose, they provided “an opportunity” for the public and educational stakeholders to testify. . .

The first line of the report’s Introduction says, “Education is, and has to remain, the State of New York’s number one priority and obligation.”

While we’d like to believe that the Senator meant, “The excellent education of all children is, and has to remain the State’s number one priority and obligation” that is not what was written.

Senator Flanagan told the truth, Education is, and education is a business not a child.

Senator Flanagan even points out the depth of the State’s commitment to the business of education, “over twenty billion dollars of state taxpayer funding . . .”

Moreover, Senator Flanagan believes that “while every parent wants and should expect. . . a great teacher . . . teaching with an excellence and a passion for education that is unparalleled . . .” they must understand that, “these goals are lofty and aspirational.”

It is unclear whether Senator Flanagan is saying we don’t have great teachers or we won’t have great teachers, or both.

Politicians say what people want to hear, it is their proposed legislation that tells us what they truly believe and support.

Understanding is the key to knowledge and knowledge is the key to freedom.

Join the Movement to Save Our Children!

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