Reality Check

The WXXI community education forum was like every other forum featuring Commissioner King and the Regents.

Nothing new was asked, no new answers were given and the only outcome has been the State’s ability to sound more sincere and attentive to the concerns of the community about the Common Core and its local implementation.

The lack of accountability and extent of financial intimidation by the State were never mentioned while the fears of the crowd were quelled by patent pending answers that have been honed to perfection as the traveling University tours the State.

No mention was made of the fact that New York State has been woefully neglectful of its commitment to students with special learning abilities; this district being out of compliance for years.

The fact that districts are allowed to submit incomplete and incomprehensible comprehensive improvement and school education plans was completely ignored, the use of our children as test subjects for government policies was never mentioned and corporations making profits from selling teaching modules and testing materials was not addressed.

The public has been thoroughly bamboozled by the slight of hand magic of the State Education Department and soon the storm of student anxiety and adult discontent will become nothing more than a drizzle.

The inability of local, state, and federal education agencies to provide our children with an excellent education will continue until another school year ends with only minimal adjustments made to placate those most committed to change.

The outrage of parents will turn into understanding as education leaders ask the community for patience while they perfect their dehumanizing and demoralizing system of education.

Children will continue to be subjected to a sterile learning environment as teachers adjust to the pressure of ineffective and inefficient leadership forcing a standardizing curriculum into the classroom under the guise of reformed education.

Commissioner King stood his ground, his message was clear, there will be no true changes to our current system of education.

Our children will continue to be mis-educated and society will continue to be controlled by corporate greed.

Join the Movement to Save Our Children!

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