Change The Focus – Change The Result

Tonight at 8:00 PM on WXXI Education Commissioner John King, Wade Norwood, and T. Andrew Brown, members of the NYS Board of Regents, will answer questions from a studio audience made up of parents, educators, administrators, and community members.

The growing concern in education is the standardization of our children through enforcing State based curriculum standards and standardized testing.

There is nothing wrong with standards as long as they align with a child centered, developmentally appropriate, founded in the Arts, experience based, system of education.

Our current data based, budget driven system of education does not consider the gifts and talents of ALL children essential to creating a 21st century middle class American workforce enslaved to a system of economics that promotes built in obsolescence instead of product integrity, mediocrity in place of excellence.

The fight is not over having standards we are fighting for the right of our children not to be standardized by standards.

This is the misunderstanding that mis-education creates. Our attention is constantly diverted by details, causing us to rethink the idiom, “The devil’s in the details.”

Having standards is a minor detail. Everyone should have a standard of excellence for themselves first and then others.

Spending energy reconstructing the details within a picture that is totally out of focus is time consuming, costly, and seemingly hopeless until you change the focus and concentrate on the gifts and talents children have to express themselves.

Our children are capable of greatness when allowed to freely explore the best of their gifts and talents.

Each affluent culture has show us throughout history, that when the basic needs of the people are met, food, clothing, shelter, warmth, they turn their resourcefulness, their skills, their ingenuity, desires, hopes, dreams, into art.

Music and dance, drawing, painting, and singing. Science and communication (language skills), math, global studies, theology, and every other learning skill that had to be quelled by the need to survive lives within our children.

The dream of freedom advancing our society can only be attained through an excellent education for all children.

Join the Movement to Save Our Children!

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