A Wolf In Sheeps Clothing

With the community fighting back against mayoral control, the powers that be, have simply changed their strategy and infiltrated our system of education by placing their people in key positions in City government and RCSD leadership.

Superintendent Vargas announced plans to allow New York State colleges management of failing city schools. This is not an innovative idea but simple mimickry of the plan set forth by corporate moguls and political sycophants trying to sell the concept of “college and career readiness”.

In reading between the lines one finds this is nothing more than rhetoric for “preparing our children for the 21st Century workforce” a phrase they stopped using when it quickly became synonymous with “modern day slavery”.

As parents, educators, and community members we must be cognizant of phrases such as these.

In an article released by the New York City Department of Education it is not necessary to read between the lines, the “college and career” track is spelled out clearly.

“In collaboration with the City University of New York and a set of high-profile industry partners—Microsoft Corp. and New York-Presbyterian Hospital, SAP, and the American Association of Advertising Agencies—the schools will deliver a six-year, career-focused program that is aligned with the Common Core Standards. . . IBM, the City’s first industry partner, guarantees that graduates will be first in line for jobs.”

While parents and educators are fighting an imaginary foe, Common Core Standards, the real enemy, multi-billion dollar corporations are taking over the nation’s system of education and herding our children into mindless factory jobs that keep them chasing a carrot they can never hope to attain, freedom.

We must fight for the right of every child in America to an excellent, child centered, free and public education that concentrates on their gifts and talents in order to realize the true intent of education, to produce knowledgeable citizens capable of self governance. Translation, freedom and justice for all.

This is the America we have fought for and died to protect, the America in which our children deserve to live.

Join the Movement to Save Our Children!

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