The Truth Hurts

On this day in 2011 the educabilityrocs blog post commented on discipline in schools. On the same day in 2012 the post addressed poverty and ways the district could use its budget to provide those experiences that the families of poverty cannot afford such as Memorial Art Gallery and Rochester Museum and Science Center memberships.

Two years have passed and very little has changed in the district. If anything, situations have become worse.

Violence in schools has increased and nothing educationally has been done by the district to address the spiritual, physical, and financial poverty of the children in our district.

Community groups have addressed the Board with solutions only to be told, “Thank you” and sent away. Parents, students, and teachers have presented solutions and models of achievement and success, with the same result.

Concerned stakeholders have come out in force to voluntarily provide guidance and help with budgetary issues and management concerns. District leaders have instead chosen to waste valuable education dollars hiring consultants and offering professional development that have effected no change.

At what point do we as a community begin to recognize the truth?

The educational failure of our children perpetuates the financial funding stream that continues to employ the adults that earn six figure salaries to produce ineffective and inefficient policies and procedures that lead to their success.

While our children fail to make AYP (Average Yearly Progress) administrators are being paid to go back to school for their PhD’s.

While our children fail to meet basic Common Core standards, agreed upon by the district and the union, district leaders choose to spend educational dollars hiring more adults to teach teachers how to teach and leaders how to lead.

The District Comprehensive Improvement Plan, (DCIP) does not mention lowering class size or placing two teachers in a classroom. It does not provide for contractual agreements with educational facilities like the RMSC, Strong Children’s Museum, Ganondagan or any other experiential learning opportunities.

The truth is, we have failed our children by failing to change the leadership of the district.

Join the Movement to Save Our Children!

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