To Test-Or Not To Test-Or What To Test-That Is The Question

There has been quite a bit of controversy about testing and the Common Core Standards.

A research based, child-centered, developmentally appropriate, mastery level, education would resolve the confusion.

Standardized tests would be taken when the child reaches mastery in the subject matter being taught. Since this will occur at different stages in different disciplines, more time can be spent directing the child toward success in their more difficult areas.

With the focus being on the child’s gifts and talents and using those abilities to engage the core knowledge at which the child is less adept progress is achieved through success. As the level of pride increases from success in learning, the level of engagement in the learning process increases.

Once a child is engaged in the learning process there is little that cannot be learned with that knowledge tested in a real world way.

Being able to recognize their strengths as a balance to those areas in which they are weak gives the child the confidence to try their best to overcome what they may believe to be an obstacle.

As the child’s confidence level grows through the experience of success, the perceived obstacles become mere hurdles to jump over.

It is not the standardized test that is objectionable, it is the fact that they have been mis-educating our children for decades and now they want them to be critical thinkers and problem solvers.

At this point in our system of education, standardized tests do nothing more than produce data on the level of damage they have done to our children.

At the Brighton High School Community Forum with Commissioner King, we heard parents and teachers say they didn’t mind the Common Core. If anything some said the standards to be below those of the Brighton School District.

So then, what is the difference? Leadership.

Leadership that cares about the education of their children having its original intent, to produce young adults that exemplify integrity, self-respect, kindness, and responsibility.

These are the qualities for which our children should be tested before being standardized.

Join the Movement to Save Our Children!

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