Who’s Who And What’s What

Last night the Brighton Central School District hosted a community forum with Commissioner of Education, Dr. John B. King.

The unusual aspect of this particular forum was that respect was shown to those who asked questions by time being given to Dr. King to answer their questions.

More than one hundred participants made comments and asked questions concerning Common Core curriculum, module implementation, and standardized testing which Dr. King made clear, “The assessments that are given for SLO’s, for Student Learning Objectives, that are set locally, are local decisions . . . determined locally through collective bargaining”

The audience was also educated to the fact that the State does not control the curriculum of the Common Core or its implementation which includes the modules that are offered as an instructional aid. These are all determined by the districts and bargaining units.

In short, the way the Rochester City School District chooses to enforce State regulated Common Core Standards has nothing to do with the State but everything to do with the educational leadership of our Superintendent and Board of Education which supports the decision making of the Superintendent.

The curriculum, the use of the modules, the timeline, are all agreed upon locally by district leaders and union officials.

Even at the federal level, where funding is derived from entitlements, Title 1-6 and IDEA, the LEA (Local Education Agency) has the opportunity to design the method of instruction necessary to most effectively and efficiently meet the needs of the population of students it serves.

It is the duty of Commissioner King and the Board of Regents to ensure that whatever plan districts submit to NYSED are complete, comprehensive and met within reasonable measures.

Parents, teachers and concerned citizens of Rochester must know and understand that the educational failure of our children is not the fault of the state education department but of the leaders we elect and the administrators they appoint.

Moving from failure to success means changing the elected and appointed leadership of our district.

Our children deserve leaders who care about their educational success and future.

Join the Movement to Save Our Children!

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