Reading Between The Lines

“There are 14 different studies now that show that people that work outdoors have far fewer melanomas than people who work indoors. All of the melanoma increases have been among indoor workers.” This is from a report by Dr. Marc Sorenson, founder of the National Institute of Health and Fitness.

Why is this information important? The 21st Century workforce will be working indoors, sitting, and eating fast food during their half hour lunch break.

Consequently, we are preparing our children for a life of suffering with all the illnesses related to the lack of sunshine, exercise, and improper diet.

Mis-education has worked diligently to destroy the mental aspect of our children’s being and we have all but severed their spiritual aspect and now we are working on the destruction of their physical aspect as well.

It is not difficult to see that the success of our children is not a priority of the corporate based ideology of our current system of education.

Our political and education leaders are selling a product that is not just harmful, but deadly and the American public is as eager to consume their toxic education as they are their toxic foods and drugs.

It is important that we understand the intent of a corporate structured system of education and the intent is profit, not our children’s well being, either now or in the future.

We must recognize and realize that our children are more than a workforce, they are better than middle class, and they are more valuable than any form or amount of money.

We live in one of the most opportune times in our history to spread the word of love for our children, to our children.

We have the opportunity of having our voice heard through social media and are thereby able to overpower their dollar with our vote.

We must begin to elect leaders who believe in humanity and are willing to take advantage of this opportunity for change in order to effect a better life for our children and our world.

Join the Movement to Save Our Children!

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