Reading Between The Lines

“There are 14 different studies now that show that people that work outdoors have far fewer melanomas than people who work indoors. All of the melanoma increases have been among indoor workers.” This is from a report by Dr. Marc Sorenson, founder of the National Institute of Health and Fitness.

Why is this information important? The 21st Century workforce will be working indoors, sitting, and eating fast food during their half hour lunch break.

Consequently, we are preparing our children for a life of suffering with all the illnesses related to the lack of sunshine, exercise, and improper diet.

Mis-education has worked diligently to destroy the mental aspect of our children’s being and we have all but severed their spiritual aspect and now we are working on the destruction of their physical aspect as well.

It is not difficult to see that the success of our children is not a priority of the corporate based ideology of our current system of education.

Our political and education leaders are selling a product that is not just harmful, but deadly and the American public is as eager to consume their toxic education as they are their toxic foods and drugs.

It is important that we understand the intent of a corporate structured system of education and the intent is profit, not our children’s well being, either now or in the future.

We must recognize and realize that our children are more than a workforce, they are better than middle class, and they are more valuable than any form or amount of money.

We live in one of the most opportune times in our history to spread the word of love for our children, to our children.

We have the opportunity of having our voice heard through social media and are thereby able to overpower their dollar with our vote.

We must begin to elect leaders who believe in humanity and are willing to take advantage of this opportunity for change in order to effect a better life for our children and our world.

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You Get Out What You Put In

Superintendent Vargas recently announced the rehiring of three administrators to the district.

These three positions will cost the district approximately $400,000 in salary and benefits.

These three positions could have supported ten teaching positions used to lower class size at the early childhood and/or elementary level.

The RSCD currently has one administrator for every ten students and one teacher for every eleven students.

The $400,000 dollars could have supported fifteen paraprofessional positions lowering the classroom adult:student ratio at the early childhood and/or elementary level.

The New York State Report Card states that the Rochester City School District met AYP requirements for Elementary/Middle School Participation in ELA, Math, and Science only.

The attendance rate dropped 1% for the 2010-11 school year with suspensions down 2%.

As of October 2011, the Rochester City School District reports the Special Ed Classification Rate is 17.7%, nearly 5% higher than the State average while pupil expenditure differs by $925.

Our reported 4 year graduation rate is 50% and 5 year graduation rate is 56% with our drop-out rate at 15%.

Hiring more administrators to determine how to make a failing system of education work is an inefficient and ineffective expenditure of funds when research shows that a child centered system of education that concentrates on discovering, developing, and directing the gifts and talents of our children is the only way to effect educational success for all children.

Lowering class size or at the very least, the adult:student ratio is a more efficient and effective method of insuring educational success.

If our current leaders are ignorant of this then they should not be leading. If they are aware of this and choose not to acknowledge or ignore the most current, relevant research concerning child development and learning, then they should not be leading.

In either case, the community must come together and put an end to the failure this district has been experiencing for decades. We must elect leaders who appoint leaders who are not only knowledgeable, but have the integrity to make decisions that will lead to the educational success of our children and not the financial wealth of corporations.

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Words And Meaning

Integrity: Firm adherence to a code of especially moral or artistic values. The quality or state of being complete or undivided.

A house divided against itself cannot stand.

Currently we are sending our children some very mixed messages. We tell them bullying is wrong when they see adults bullying other adults regularly.

We tell them that God is all powerful when we allow money to empower the wealthy.

We tell them that they should not lie while we lie in front of them, to them, about them, and because of them.

We tell them that a person is nothing without integrity while showing no unity of purpose other than failure.

We have lost our firm adherence to our moral values and we are no longer a complete and undivided people and our children are suffering because of our lack of integrity.

Truth: Fidelity, constancy; sincerity in action, character, and utterance.

It is not difficult to tell the truth because your words do not waiver nor do they contradict what you choose to do.

Our children hear us say one thing but see us do another. We say we love them but we allow them to suffer in a system of education that has wrought nothing but failure for decades.

We say we would change the system if we could, when we can, but we don’t.

Honor: Good name or public esteem; a showing of usually merited respect.

Though respect is always deserved, honor is not. Everything that God creates deserves respect, but honor must be earned.

Our children do not honor us because we have not earned a place of honor in their hearts. We have not shown them the respect they deserve and we have not shown ourselves respect by having integrity and being truthful.

Adults are role models for all children. They emulate our behaviors and adopt our coping strategies.

We must begin to model the values we desire in our society, integrity and truth, so that our children will honor us and they will grow to be honored by their children.

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The Seven Headed Dragon

There is a petition circulating calling for the dismissal of John B. King, New York State Commissioner of Education. <a href="; title=”Commissioner John King petition”>

And, while this is a noble beginning, we must realize that Commissioner King was hired by the Governor to be and do exactly who he is and what he is doing. King may be disappointing the public but he is fulling his duties to those that placed him in his position.

All battles won bring us closer to winning the war and so gathering enough signatures on a petition to gain attention to the fact that the public is not longer willing to accept the people or the poison being forced upon us is integral in achieving our goal.

If we are to believe that our voice is more powerful than their money then we must use our voice to effect change throughout the system of education for every child in America.

Now, more than any other time in our Nation’s history, it is possible for the masses to rise up and, without fear or condemnation, use their voice to gain and retain their Constitutional right of “one man, one vote” in order to truly make America the greatest country on Earth.

The firing of John King is just one head of the dragon, and it is not the ruling head but one that will grow back almost immediately.

To slay the dragon, all the heads must be severed from the body or they will simply return to rule again.

Our system of education must be purged from the ruling dragon that is devouring our children day by day.

The corporate dollar that influences the hearts and minds of our elected and appointed officials cannot be challenged, it must be eliminated from the public education system. Our Nation’s children must be educated by public funds, without influence from outside sources.

It is every American’s responsibility to provide every child in America with an excellent, free, child centered, public education.

It is time to live up to our responsibility.

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Reading is Comprehension

Ignorance: Lack of knowledge, education, or awareness.

Stupidity: Given to unintelligent decisions or acts : acting in an unintelligent or careless manner.

Evil: Morally reprehensible, causing discomfort or repulsion, causing harm, marked by misfortune.

The ignorance of our elected leaders concerning education has led to the stupidity that has caused an evil system of education to lay hold of the structure of education creating the failure necessary to insure the profits of the corporations that have purchased our educational sytem.

Each year we send our children to be indoctrinated into this evil system and expect them to survive the disconnected, spiritually absent, deliverance of information that is not only irrelevant to their environment and existence but developmentally inappropriate for their age and understanding.

At the end of each year we tell more than half of these children that they have failed to meet the requirements for passing out of this evil system that has told them all of their educational career that they are somehow deficient in the abilities necessary to be successful.

These are children, they did not create the system of education they are forced into, nor did they have any say or consideration in its creation, yet they are considered the failures.

The impetus for moving to a K-8 system was not done with the child in mind. The reason, when students drop out before Ninth grade they are not counted in the graduation rate cohort for that year thereby increasing the graduation rate and the rate of incarceration.

If we continue to accept the failure of our leaders in education to provide an excellent education to all of America’s children, then we perpetuate the ignorance that leads to the stupidity that allows an evil system of education to indoctrinate our children into accepting a life marked by misfortune.

We must eradicate the evil from education.

We must stand together and fight to change the system of education so that all of our children will not just graduate but move forward towards a successful life as a loving, respectful, caring adult.

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Won By Won

Victories are being won throughout the realm of education. Secretary of Education Arne Duncan is allowing States to try out their own student evaluation systems and parents in New York are suing Education Commissioner John King.

Though we are seeing areas of capitulation, the fact remains that our current system of education does not concentrate on the gifts and talents of every child and until the focus of education is redirected, we will still see failure.

First the system of education was designed to educate only the elite. It failed.
Then, education was only offered to Caucasians. It failed.
Segregation created separate systems of education. It failed.
Separate but Equal failed and what we have now is failing.

All of these educational systems were and have always been influenced and manipulated by the corporate dollar.

It has only been through the voice of the people that any changes have occurred and the same holds true today.

Our collective voice is making a difference. As we unite across the country, parents, students, teachers, and community members are speaking out about the injustices within the system of education.

The larger American community is beginning to realize that there is so much wrong with our current system that it cannot be fixed but must be changed.

Our children are our most precious gifts and once we instill love in them they will continue in that love and spread it wherever they go.

Once we teach our children how wonderful they are they will see how wonderful everyone is and respect will spread throughout the country to the world.

Once our children know that everyone has a gift and is talented, they will be able to recognize the ability of everyone to make this world a better place for all.

We are making a difference but we cannot stop to revel in our victories. We must fight harder to actually change education and not settle for trying to fix it.

Our children deserve a better life and a better world and it is up to us, as adults, to fight for both.

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Expectations and Realizations

As another school year comes to an end the community will see more and more children playing in the neighborhood even though school does not officially end until June 25.

Though Superintendent Vargas sent a letter to all staff saying that he expects teaching and learning to continue until the last day of school, the reality is the last day of school was the last day of testing.

The last two weeks of school the school community is involved with Kindergarten graduations, Moving-up ceremonies, Eighth grade, and High school graduations.

Any students who return to school after they have graduated or moved up will be put to work helping teachers tear down their rooms, pack up their belongings, and move out of the school for the summer.

This archaic routine has been carried out year after year in public schools across the country for decades.

Why do teachers have to pack up everything and move out of their room and school each year?

Why do students believe that once tests are over, learning is over?

Why does the administration say one thing when they know just the opposite will happen and nothing will be done to correct the situation?

Every day we tell our children that education is important but we show them that it isn’t by reducing their education to data bits and sound bytes, irrelevant textual blurbs, and dissatisfying work assignments.

We tell children that bullying is wrong yet they see the adults in their environment being bullied by other adults and so they emulate our behavior.

Every year in education we begin by saying “We must raise graduation rates.” Every year we see more failure. Every year we continue to provide the same failing system of education to our children while expecting success.

This is insanity!

We must adopt and promote an attitude of respect for everyone in the system of education.

Our leaders in education must lead by example.

We must change our reality to match our expectations of success for our children.

A child centered education is the way.

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