Day Care vs Child Care

On May 13, Rachael Barnhart posted a blog titled, “Is Daycare a Right?”

As stated in the article, most other countries have asked and answered “YES” to this while, “the United States doesn’t provide institutional care the way that other countries do.”

In the “so called” “Greatest Country in the World” our children do not have the basic Constitutional right to an excellent education.

The public is convinced that education is a States’ responsibility yet the Federal government is handing down more and more mandates, with less and less accountability, to States that must receive federal funding in order to support their LEA’s.

Because the Federal government must provide States with federal funding to support their educational costs, the responsibility of educating our nation’s children should fall upon our nation and therefore should be a Constitutional Right of every child in America.

Now that that question is answered, the bigger question is, should we settle for “Daycare” or should we fight for “Childcare”.

Day care providers are largely unregulated and unconnected to the system of education their clients will be entering very soon. Unfortunately, the system of education these children will enter is also largely unregulated and disconnected from educating children.

Child care providers prepare children for the transition to school by giving them opportunities to socialize and discover their gifts and talents. They offer tutoring services to older siblings in their programs. They involve the arts and experiential learning opportunities.

These are the children whose parents seek out private and charter schools to continue the “child” centered education their children received in “child” care.

Day care providers pass their children along to public schools to become cogs in the wheel of capitalism. Any child that does not conform to the shape of the wheel is cast aside.

Make no mistake, this is not every day care or every public school in Rochester.

However, in Rochester we have “cast aside” 51% of our children many of whom were in “day care”.

“Daycare” is not a right, providing ALL children with an excellent education must become one.

Join the Movement to Save Our Children!

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