Their Decision – Our Children’s Fate

The district has released several documents to staff, parents, and students concerning student discipline procedures and parental responsibilities.

These notices were sent out to parents with students in Grades 7-12 and are in answer to the recent violence occurring in the K-8 setting.

The notices warn students against the decision to bring weapons to school and bullying others.

The letter to families states there are five specific actions that students can expect will result in immediate placement in PM school: Participation in group violence; Bullying other students; Carrying weapons; Assault; and Trespassing.

The letter continues to say, “Students also should be aware that actions that take place outside school can result in suspension.”

While violence to amend a situation is absolutely no answer to any problem, it must be understood that these children were forced to accept conditions to which they were vehemently opposed. The same conditions were forced upon staff and parents of schools who did not want to restructure.

The restructuring process was implemented without due diligence, data collection, school, parent, student, or community support.

Now our young people are pushing back against a system that has bullied them for years and they are being punished for not accepting a fate that they neither agreed with nor understand.

Parents are also being made to suffer the consequences of the School Board’s decision to ignore the voices of the school community and enact their policies and procedures while holding others accountable for the results.

Will the School Board be remanded to Long Term Suspension for bullying school communities into accepting the K-8 model?

Will the School Board be made to attend “PM” school because they participated in “group” violence by voting to implement the K-8 model, causing our youngest students to witness acts of unmitigated hatred?

As the letter states, there is nothing new about the “Code of Conduct” or long term suspensions. This is the district’s way of mis-handling their system of mis-education.

Our children deserve to be understood and listened to, not put out of school and silenced.

Join the Movement to Save Our Children!

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