A Story of Abuse

Fights, shooting threats, police searching students and lockers, all this happening within the purview of our youngest and most impressionable 3, 4, and 5 year old children.

This is the educational environment of just one Pre-K-8 district school.

Parents are afraid to bring their babies to school but they are more afraid of leaving them behind to endure the chaos of their educational environment.

Superintendent Brizard, convinced the School Board that moving to a K-8 model would be “cost effective” and would “reduce the footprint” of the district on the environment.

Superintendent Vargas reported that the K-8 model was an inefficient and ineffective move at this time. Commissioners Adams and Powell asked for a moratorium until more evidence could be collected. Commissioner Elliott expressed apprehension citing the district’s inability to properly implement programs.

Parents, students, teachers, and community members were against rolling out the model. However, the School Board, following the plan of a superintendent who was no longer in our district, decided to disregard the concerns and preference of those who actually have to learn and work in the newly imposed structure.

Our First, Second, and Third grade students are now learning that there are few, if any, relevant consequences to abhorrent behavior.

Our Fourth, Fifth, and Sixth grade students are learning how to use the system to intimidate teachers and school staff so that they can be in charge when they move up.

And, all of our children are being disrespected and institutionalized from the moment they enter our current system of education.

To say this system is working and therefore should be supported by budgeted district dollars, begs the question,

“Is the realistic goal of this School Board to support the failure that is created by an inefficient and ineffective system of education?”

What our youngest students witness during their earliest years of school is crucial to their perception of and attitude toward their entire educational career.

Is there any wonder why our drop-out and truancy rate is so high.

Our children are simply refusing to be mentally and emotionally abused any longer.

Join the Movement to Save Our Children!

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