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One of the headlines on the Rochester City School District’s web page states, “RCSD AWARDED $4.5 MILLION MANAGEMENT EFFICIENCY GRANT: Gov. Cuomo Recognizes District for $9.5 Million in Cost Savings”

In reading the article you come to understand that the grant will be awarded over a three year period.

Superintendent Vargas expects $l.5 million a year “to support a new pre-kindergarten program for three-year-old children at Audubon School No. 33; expanded-day learning for more students in 2013-14; a new textbook management system and other measures to continue improving the efficiency of District operations” and that is only if Governor Cuomo actually renders the funds to Rochester.

Reading into the article further, Dr. Vargas also expects “the state grant will allow the District to hire a staff member who can focus on continuing to improve the efficiency of administration and operations.”

This is a lot to expect from money not yet received.

Dr. Vargas is also expecting to apply to the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation for additional grant dollars.

Will the terms and conditions of this grant be released to the public? Will the Rochester community be able to weigh in on whether or not those terms and conditions are acceptable to the community’s vision for the district?

It is important to be cost efficient when operating a large oganization however, if the district is saving money by denying children the right to receive an excellent, child centered education, then we may be saving money while we are losing children.

It is laudable that our district leader is concerned about district expenditures and he has proven that there is a great deal that can be done to insure a more efficient working organization.

With this Dr. Vargas must realize that when the district works more efficiently we become more independent of the reliance on private funding sources whose vision for our children is very different then theirs.

When we put the educational success of children at the forefront of all decision making, we will see a successful system of education for all of our children.

Join the Movement to Save Our Children!

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