Completed Goals

Goal 5: Management Systems: We will improve the efficiency and effectiveness of management systems that impact operations of Central Office and our schools, to facilitate the accomplishment of all goals and objectives.

Their Objectives:
* Design and implement information systems that shift our focus from intervention to prevention of and early action on student achievement challenges.
* Support school efforts to meet Common Core standards of excellence for curriculum, extra-curricular and physical environments.
*Design and implement standards of excellence for the recruitment, development and retention of a highly effective and diverse staff, dedicated to student success.

The district must shift their focus, however, that shift must be from a corporate controlled system of education to one that concentrates on the success of the child.

Offering to support a system that is designed to fail our children does not indicate that the district is “dedicated to student success”.

Their Metrics:
* Attendance data
* Response to early warning system indicators
* Performance evaluations

Unfortunately, the metrics do not speak to the goal.

Their Targets:
* Professional practices performance evaluations for 90% of teachers, and 75% of Civil Service evaluations, will be completed by June 2013.
* 90% of calculated teacher composite scores will be issued within ten days of receipt of State growth data or beginning of school year.
* Analysis of teacher and administrator performance issued to Principals by September 2013.

All targets are aimed at teacher performance and evaluation, which do not align with the goal or the targets for the goal.

It is difficult to move beyond this portion of the budget since this particular section explains the “Policies, Priorities, and Plans” of the district.

The goals, objectives, and metrics of this portion of the budget are far from “rigorous” and lack any real measures of accountability.

If our district leaders are unable to prepare and propose an intelligible and operational district budget that presents effective and efficient solutions which will provide our children with an excellent education, it is time to elect new leaders.

Our children deserve leaders in education who care more about them than the bottom line.

Join the Movement to Save Our Children!

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