Not Who But What

While it is important to know and understand the level of integrity of any individual running for public office, it is impossible to know whether they will maintain their integrity once in office. Those who drafted and ratified our Constitution knew this which is why they incorporated term limits into their plan. They also warned […]

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What Are We Fighting For?

Many people in education believe that our current system of education is sufficient but needs fine tuning. That is the impression one is left with when listening to the Board of Regents and the new New Education Commission. It also seems to be the position of New York State’s Teacher’s Unions. On June 8, 2013 […]

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For Clarity’s Sake

There seems to be quite a bit of confusion in the community concerning Tuesday’s blog. Several questions have been asked, some which can be answered, some which cannot. People have asked, “Why aren’t the faculty and staff raising this issue?” The answer to that is unclear. However, there does exist, within the district, a culture […]

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Beyond Reprehensible

“Sent: Friday, May 10, 2013 11:50 AM Subject: Rumors of a shooting . . . Good morning faculty and staff, Yesterday evening, it was brought to my attention that there was going to be a shooting. . . today. We immediately contacted the District and the police department. “ These are the first two sentences […]

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The Board Race Begins

Last night the Democrats held a community forum to introduce the community to the newest candidates running for school board. Each candidate had a passion for and a grasp on a particular issue within our system of education that addresses the failure of our children. Six candidates with six varying perspectives on the problems our […]

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Suffer Not The Children

Erica Bryant’s column in the Democrat and Chronicle Chronicle exposes the devastating effects of post traumatic stress disorder on urban inner city children who witness or are primary or secondary victims of, violence. While this is undoubtedly an extremely relevant and serious problem, it is not exclusive to children of the impoverished inner-city. Until we […]

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Our Children Are Able – Are We?

“If people are given an accurate assessment of their abilities and the likelihood of achieving certain goals given those abilities they may gravitate toward domains in which they have a realistic chance of becoming an expert through deliberate practice,” Michigan State psychology professor Zach Hambrick explained. Our current system of education doesn’t adhere to the […]

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