More Budget

In depth review of the proposed budget may seem tedious however, to know and understand the goals of the district and how they intend to achieve them, is to see clearly their vision for our children.

Strategic Goal #3: Communication/Customer Service: We will continually inform and seek input from parents, students, staff and members of the Rochester community, to continuously improve the quality of our instructional programs and operations.

Their Objectives:
• Adopt operational standards, practices and business processes to improve our levels of customer service and transparency.
• Improve the timeliness and customer-focus of our responses to complaints and service requests.
• Provide safer, more positive and nurturing learning environments that maximize student and staff satisfaction and success, from initial placement through graduation, and through all aspects of a student’s school experience.

These objectives do not speak to making the parent/school/community connection stronger.

Bullet three has nothing to do with the goal.

Their Metrics:
• Response rates to complaints and service requests
• Proactive outreach sessions
• Parent survey
• Vendor survey

Their Targets:
• Cabinet members/designees will respond to 100% of complaints and service requests within 48 hours by June 2013. Superintendent and/or Cabinet members will conduct at least five sessions per month annually (Sept-June) to gain insights and feedback from our various stakeholders.
• An independent objective survey of parent satisfaction with District services will be conducted in 2013 to established baseline metrics on which to set improvement targets.
• Current and potential vendors for selected professional services will be surveyed in 2013 to establish baseline metrics on which to set targets to increase response rates to bids and to lower our costs.

The district has been collecting this data for years and is familiar with response times and quality of service. A survey of parent satisfaction in a district that is one of the lowest performing in the nation is moot.

Parent and vendor surveys do not speak to the entire Rochester community of concerned citizens who hold no business with the district but are more than passionate about changing the failing direction of its current educational path.

Join the Movement to Save Our Children!

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