Back To The Budget

In returning to budget review, we begin with Goal 2.

Goal 2: Parental, Family and Community Involvement: We will engage and collaborate with all our stakeholders, to hold ourselves collectively accountable for our students’ success.

Their Objectives:
• Provide diverse opportunities for active family participation in their student’s education
• Design and implement multiple models for various organizations to help improve the quality and quantity of instructional delivery
• Increase the time devoted to in-school and independent student reading

Their objectives say nothing about engaging or collaborating with parents, families, or the community.
Trade unions and businesses have been offering their help for years and their offers have been rejected.
Students who don’t read won’t read, regardless of the time devoted to reading.

Their Metrics:
• Parent/guardian use of Parent Connect
• Parent/guardian participation on other teams
• Community input on budget

How do the metrics align with the objectives?
Is the use of Parent Connect considered providing, “diverse opportunities for active family participation in their student’s education”?
What do they mean by “Parent/guardian participation on other teams”?
What other teams?
What does community input on budget have to do with increased time devoted to reading?

Their Targets:
• 20% or more parents/guardians in each school registered for Parent Connect
• Office of Parent Engagement groups in each school will have 10% or more of the school’s parents by 2013
• Seven Fathers Groups will be established by 2013
• The draft and final budget will be posted on the District Website by 2013

Is a parent who has three children in three different schools and is registered for Parent Connect, counted as part of the 20% for each school the children attend? The same question can be posited for the second target.

If a parent is part of the father’s groups and is registered for Parent Connect, does that one parent/guardian allow the district two measures of success according to their metric system?

Target four is State mandated and speaks to district transparency not parent and community involvement.

This budget is unacceptable and should not be considered feasible for the coming school year.

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