The Gathering

Last night the University of Buffalo was host to Partnership for Smarter Schools which provided a public information session on the realities of high states testing.

The speakers, Assemblyman Sean Ryan, District 149, Dr. Mark Crawford- Superintendent, West Seneca Schools, Dr. Walter Polka- Former Superintendent, Lewiston-Porter Public Schools, Dr. Mark Garrison-Author, A Measure of Failure: The Political Origins of Standardized Testing.

The purpose, “Participants will hear leaders in the Rethinking Reform movement expose the false assumptions of and harm being caused by high stakes testing, and, most importantly, four key elements of a sustainable Reform 2.0 plan that will lead us to creating truly great public schools.”

However, participants came away with much more than information on the evils of high stakes testing. Speakers addressed the fear and anxiety of testing but they also exposed the fear that is so debilitating in the education community.

They spoke of the lack of participation by educators in the movement to change our corporate system of education to a child centered system. They spoke about the lack of human connection in education today and the absence of love for children in the process of educating children.

The most important aspect of the evening was the knowledge and understanding that the movement to change the direction of education is growing. More and more educators, administrators, college professors, and even politicians are joining the movement to change education so that it works for our children, not for corporations.

The United Opt Out event in Washington saw more than one hundred participants from across the nation. Last night’s event informed approximately one hundred more.

The numbers look small, unimpressive even but they are growing daily. More and more individuals are forming a community attitude against the unjust, inequitable, inefficient, and ineffective system of education that “BB” is trying so desperately to force upon our children.

More and more the language of change is being spread across the nation and people are becoming politically active in raising their voice against the system of mis-education.

When we build it they will come.

Join the Movement to Save Our Children!

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