Next Up In Budget Land

The Strategic Plan Goal outlines the districts goals and how they intend to achieve them.

Goal 1: Student Achievement and Growth: We will ensure that each of our students is academically prepared to succeed in college, life and the global economy.

Their Objectives:
• Common Core curriculum
• Teacher/Leader Evaluations/APPR
• Value added measures of student growth(e.g., state assessments, on-time grade progression/graduation)
• Increase focus on college and career readiness

This is not education reform, this is the corporate model of education that systematically omits any human needs of the child such as, communication skills, social skills, self-discipline skills, perseverance through mistakes skills, critical thinking skills, problem solving skills. Their objectives are to continue with business as usual with the hope of seeing some insignificant increases in student success.

The Metrics:
• On-time graduation rates
• ELA scores in grades 3-8
• Math scores in grades 3-8
• Regents pass rate
• Master schedule

It seems the metrics are based solely on arbitrary standardized test scores that are linked to the common core and controlled by the master’schedule.

The Targets:
• On-time graduation rate increase from 48% to 70% by 2016
• 60% will meet or exceed growth targets by 2015
• 65% will meet or exceed growth targets by 2014
• 50% will pass Regents exams with a 75% or above the first time by 2016
• All teachers and principals who should be evaluated will be using APPR
• 100% of schools will employ the master schedule framework supporting the common core

At least the targets set are realistic enough to inspire the confidence of parents, students, and the community, to believe that the district is actually working toward achieving realistic goals.

Unfortunately what this district is actually saying is that they are going to invest nearly $800 million dollars in the system of education they have outlined for us this year without expecting to accomplish much in the next two years in the way of student achievement.

Our children cannot afford to fail any more. We must demand that our leaders adopt a child centered system of education so that ALL of our children have the opportunity to succeed.

Join the Movement to Save Our Children!

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