New Staff – New Program – Same Results

One of the items listed under the heading, “Closing the Budget Gap” is, “$8.5 million Four program consolidations”. Scrolling down brings us to the heading, “Program Consolidations and Closure of School 30” which states, “Neighborhood students from School 30 will attend School 54, and other students will receive customized placement services to find a new school that best meets their needs.”

This means that students from School 30 will continue to attend school in the same building but it will now be called School 54. While the students will be housed in the same building, nothing is said about the staff of School 30 which the students have come to know.

Will the school staff be retained or will the students be greeted by an entirely new group of adults in their building?

The students from School 54 must be the “other” students the district mentions. These same students were displaced once before when then district, lead by then Superintendent Rivera, promised that they would move permanently into School 37 so that the students could attend school in their neighborhood.

This paragraph continues with, “The Young Adult Evening High School and I’m Ready programs are consolidated into All City High School, saving $2 million.”

We know that the All City High budget was decreased from approximately $10 million to approximately $5 million for a savings of approximately $5 million.

In reviewing last year’s budget, the I’m Ready program received approximately $2.3 million.

Since there is no program listed as “The Young Adult Evening High School” in last years budget, the OACES Academic (GED = ABE, ASE, ESOL) program comes closest to the description of the program and so will be assumed to be the program to which this year’s budget refers. That program was funded last year at approximately $3.4 million dollars.

The question here is, if three programs were combined to save money and those programs were funded at approximately $15 million dollars last year, why is the savings in combining those programs only $2 million dollars?

We cannot continue to allow this type of inefficient and ineffective leadership to fail our children.

Join the Movement to Save Our Children!

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