Budget Break

This week the Excellence In Student Achievement Committee heard a presentation on the district’s On-line learning program.

Several years earlier the district considered virtual Physical Education teachers.


Our children are becoming murderers because no one is showing them, teaching them how to be human. And now, we want to take away the only line of defense to the complete genocide of the critically thinking mind of impoverished children, an education, leaving them to forever accept being the “workforce” of “BB”.

The only bastion of hope that we have as human beings is to refocus education on our children and away from the dollars we will save by mis-educating them.

If we allow this technological foot to wedge its way into our current system of education, we will be opening the floodgates of an oppressive system of education that will quickly overtake any resistance to their objectives.

Yes, we must move into the future and technology is the best way to do that. However, technology, like every other discipline, is useless and even harmful if used inappropriately, inefficiently, and ineffectively.

First things first. Change the system of education so that it concentrates on the developmental gifts and talents of the child.

Arts education should be the core around which the curriculum for Early Childhood Education and Kindergarten through 3rd Grade is connected.

Learning is not compartmentalized. Children won’t learn to read if they are forced to read. Children will learn to read when they are interested and developmentally ready.

Children learn to read, write, communicate, learn, and become successful when human beings discover, develop, and direct their gifts and talents. They understand that they are invaluable to this community, to this life, and that others are too.

Children, taught by caring, loving adults who believe that they are gifted and talented instead of incapable and disabled become caring, loving adults.

We cannot continue to forge ahead with this hateful system of education while expecting our children to grow into loving adults. That is insanity.

Join the Movement to Save Our Children!

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