More Budget

The comments on this years proposed budget will be limited to those areas of the budget that inspire thought and provoke questioning.

“Mastery of Reading” would be the first of these. The information states that, “In support of mastery of reading, a reduction in administrative positions enables 10 new reading teachers to be supported by Federal IDEA funding.”

How many administrative positions were reduced? Does this mean that those positions were eliminated or simply renamed and reappointed? Are the individuals who lost their administrative position, if any, being offered or have they taken the position(s) as reading teachers? If so, are they qualified to do so or are they simply being shifted to the new positions?”

Under the heading, “Redesign of Special Education” it states, “School Psychologist staffing will be reduced, recognizing that the student population has decreased over the past few years. We will redirect their services to meet the primary functions of testing and evaluation, assisting schools with the Response To Intervention (RTI) process, and supporting special education across the district.”

How much has the student population decreased over the past few years? Since School Psychologists were understaffed, wouldn’t a decrease in the student population actually serve the students more effectively and efficiently? Now, instead of their primary function being to help our troubled children, it will be, “to meet the primary functions of testing and evaluation. . .”

The Center for Youth Services contract has been discontinued and will be replaced by a redesigned In-School Suspension program and delivered by District Staff.

Other contract cuts:
• $250,061 lease at the Cathedral Community Church.
• $87,754 contract with the Rochester Institute of Technology to support a college preparedness program for selected students
• $43,871 contract with Hillside Children’s Center for lead agency services
• $107,500 includes consultant services provided by the University of Rochester and the New York Literacy Center

This does not sound like a child centered approach to education.

There is little controversy over the budget this year because teacher jobs are not being threatened.

This budget only harms children.

Join the Movement to Save Our Children!

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