Washington Debriefing

Other than a brief mention of the United Opt Out rally in the Huffington Post, the four day Occupy the Department of Education event went unreported by mainstream media.

The event was, however, extremely newsworthy.

The movement to change the direction of education is growing by leaps and bounds and the connections made between those who are willing to stand up and effect change and those who will support them stretch across this nation.

From Washington State to Boston, Massachusetts, parents, student, teachers, administrators, college professors, retired teachers, and community activists assembled to share stories, strategies, and next step actions in the ongoing struggle to create a child centered system of education in our nation.

Information was shared between attendees and as the layers of individual and corporate identities were revealed, “BB”‘s plan to take over education was exposed and addressed. The anger and frustration that brought many to the rally were replaced by the willingness to take positive action against an ineffective and inefficient system of education that is perpetuated to maintain a level of ignorance that allows the inequity of a classicist system of government.

The action was to unite in saving our children from a system of education that only sees their worth as a worker.

The call was to become politically active by being elected to positions in government that directly effect education.

The decision was to return to our states and continue to build this movement by openly resisting the enslaving actions and attitudes of “BB”.

The march to the White House from the Department of Education grew block by block as supporters who were just visiting our nation’s capitol joined in. People in cars blew their horns while others shouted words of encouragement.

Outside the White House, a “mic check” added more supporters to our cause.

None of this was reported by mainstream media, however it did not go unnoticed by those that would be most negatively effected by change.

We are getting stronger which means the struggle will increase.

Our children are worth it.

Join the Movement to Save Our Children!

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