Bigger, Harder, They All Must Fall

If a leader in government is surrounded by corruption and is unaware that it exists, then that leader is incompetent and should not be in office.

If a leader in government is surrounded by corruption and is aware that it exists, then that leader is also corrupt and should not be in office.

We do not need laws that force our political leaders to have integrity. We deserve leaders who come into office with integrity. If Governor Cuomo does not understand this, he is part of the problem and must step down.

If New York State if rife with corruption, it is not illogical to assume that every state in the Union is replete with corruption. And, if the head of State government is incompetent and/or corrupt, it is reasonable to assume that local and federal government is incompetent and/or corrupt as well.

The body follows the head and in this case the head is our Congress, which is duty bound to uphold the Constitution that guarantees the rights of every American. Currently however, private audience is granted to “BB” and associates while the common man wishing to speak to their Congressional and Senate representatives is siphoned off to aids, advisers, and liaisons.

From local to federal government, the common man is only valued during election time when we are asked to work for candidates and vote.

Accountability of political leadership is almost nonexistent at every level and the layers of inefficient and ineffective policies they produce serve “BB”, not the American citizenry.

It becomes understandable then that our political leaders and their financial supporters wish to keep the American people mis-educated and uninvolved in their government.

It is time that we, as Americans, regain our strength and power to become the government of these United States. Our children deserve the freedoms guaranteed them by our Constitution. We must begin to provide our children with an excellent, child centered, free and public education so that they will be able to become political leaders with integrity and intelligently vote for political leaders with integrity.

Join the Movement to Save Our Children!

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