The Land of Oz

The Wizard of Oz, written in 1939, provides a satiric view of our system of governance in America today.

Each day thousands of American citizens come to Washington, the land of Oz, because they believe that by meeting with their representative in Congress their voice will be heard and things will change.

However, just like in the movie, those citizens are fluffed up and made to feel important, cajoled into believing they accomplished their mission, and are then shuffled out the back door with nothing more than a good feeling and maybe a souvenir.

It is rare, that you actually meet with any representative but are left to the multitude of aids, appointees and advisers whose job it is to make you feel as though you were heard and that what you had to say was actually meaningful. That’s how they laugh the day away in the merry old land of Oz.

Standardized testing of the Common Core is the yellow brick road that leads to Oz where everyone is controlled by an unknown entity that no one is allowed to see. It permits only one path to success, though a field of opiates disguised as reforms and initiatives.

Our system of education has become so innocuous, that the wizard is able to control the perceptions and attitudes of the mass populous simply by making laws too complicated to understand so they are just obeyed.

This is the way our government is run and unless you come bearing gifts, the broomstick of the witch, the money it takes to make your position relevant, you and your input are unimportant to the men behind the curtain manipulating the system.

We are told in this beloved novel that it will take strength of character, knowledge, courage, and love to overcome the threat of flying monkeys and expose the fallacy of the wizard to free the people of Oz, our elected leaders.

It is time we put on the ruby slippers of righteousness and save our children from the oppression of ignorance and the standardization of humanity.

Join the Movement to Save Our Children!

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