They rallied, they marched, they protested, and they changed the course of history for all Americans.

United Opt Out and Save Our Schools held a four day Occupy the Department of Education event in Washington, D. C. that brought hundreds of people together to speak out against standardized testing, school closings, and, most importantly, the abuse of our children by our current system of education.

The most important aspect of the event was the participation of students and young men and women who aspire to be educators. They spoke out at the rally and met with members of the Department of Education to speak to the devastating effects that standardized testing has on students.

These brave and articulate young men and women came from across America to make public their dissatisfaction with the way our current system of education is failing to provide the critical thinking, problem solving skills they require in order to successfully navigate through the adult world.

One by one they stepped up to the microphone speaking out against the current system of education that leaves them frustrated, angry, depressed, and mis-educated. They spoke about wanting to explore and make sense of their world in a real and meaningful way. They spoke about wanting to be acknowledged for being inquisitive, critical thinkers, not data blips and dollar signs.

It was inspiring to see so many young people coming together to stand up for their rights as citizens of these United States.

Unfortunately, Constitutionally, children have no right to an excellent, child centered, free and public education in this country. Each individual state has the responsibility to educate their children, or not.

It is the decision of individual states as to the type of education they provide their children; to remain largely public or to sell off their educational responsibilities to private concerns.

This country cannot afford the price of privatization. Our children cannot withstand the devastating effects of privatization. As concerned, responsible citizens we must fight for our children’s Constitutional right to an excellent, child centered, free and public education.

Join the Movement to Save Our Children!

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