The Right To Know

By making education a Constitutional right, we can insure that public funds educate the public’s children in a system of education that is of the highest degree. A system of education that equals that provided to the children of our wealthiest citizens.

Our wealthiest citizens, leaders of industry and politics, are our most efficient and effective citizens. Replicating the system of education they provide for their children must be the most efficient and effective system of education that public dollars can provide for the public’s children.

It is no secret that the children of the wealthiest Americans attend
private of schools that offer small class sizes, child centered, exploratory, developmentally appropriate, inquiry based instruction, that is infused with arts and sports education, delivered by the most knowledgeable and proficient staff of educators available.

Unfortunately, the cost associated with the system of education for the children of the wealthy has become confused with providing the same child centered successful system of education to ALL of America’s children.

And, with that, buckets of money were thrown at an already failing system of education causing more failure, leading to corporate profits by means of control and accountability through standardized testing and social service programs.

Still, we have not replicated the system of education of the wealthy but are pouring more money into the existing profitable system in order to insure a 21st Century workforce?

Our children become the business workforce led by their children, the business owners.

By making a Prekindergarten through Twelfth grade, child centered, excellent education the Constitutional right of every child in America, we can change the perspective of education so that it focuses on the child and not corporate profits.

By ensuring that ALL of America’s children receive an education that allows discovery, development, and direction of their gifts and talents, we can insure that our loving, caring, respectful children will grow into loving, caring, respectful adults.

To believe that our children are our future is to know that they should have a Constitutional right to an excellent, child centered, public education.

Join the Movement to Save Our Children!

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