Why Constitutionality

Everyone agrees that every child in the world deserves an education. As well, most all would agree that we live in a very fluid society where movement between states is sometimes more economically feasible for individuals and families.

It is also no secret that local education agencies siphon off education dollars by over-budgeting and under funding programs, moving the excess to the general fund to reduce their debt.

States have a similar system that prevents the bulk of education dollars to actually reach children and those who teach children.

Federal funding of State programs that support local education agencies goes largely unaccounted for, at any level, as public funds support private profits through charter schools that show no more success than their public counterparts.

Nearly all high density, high poverty urban districts are receiving federal funding in some form, operate with extremely high budgets, yet consistently fail to meet Average Yearly Progress expectations for programs or students.

The argument for making education a Constitutional right cannot be made more passionately or pointedly than by Brian Jones in the video: Still Separate, Still Unequal: Racism, Class and the Attack on Public Education.

While the entire video is important to watch, there are important points that Mr. Jones makes at the stated intervals: 17m58s, 24m19s, 38m18s, 48m6s, 48m44s, 50m48s, 51m2s, 53m33s, and finally, 54m20s.

There is no doubt but that change is imminent. How fast or slow that change occurs depends upon how long the suffering has been and will be endured.

Hopefully, for our children, we’ve suffered long enough and so will quickly realize that All children deserve an excellent, child centered education.

It is time we made the education of America’s children a Constitutional right.

Join the Movement to Save Our Children!

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