How Does Your Money Flow

Funding in education is not a linear process but one that flows in and out of the local, state, and federal funding streams with little to no accountability at any level.

The largest stream originates at the local level. However, when the demand is higher than local revenue can sustain, the State becomes the tributary that increases the funding flow. This also increases the regulations that local education agencies must follow in order to receive funding.

As State coffers become strained, the Federal dam is opened to increase the depth of the flow, which adds more regulations.

When districts need financial support, they now become regulated by state and federal requirements and policies; all of which are supposed to align. This is a great system of accountability unless, no one is being held accountable.

When no one reads and seeks to know and understand the policies and procedures of the local school district, then the administrators of those policies and procedures can do whatever they feel is necessary to secure their plan for the district regardless of whether it aligns with federal, state, or community attitudes.

Allowing education leaders at the local level to make un-checked decisions, allows leaders in education policy at the State and Federal level to do the same.

Consequently, if, at the local level, no one is holding districts responsible for the creation of and adherence to policies and procedures, we cannot expect integrity of office at any level of government.

Ultimately it is we, the people, who are responsible for changing our system of education so that it successfully educates every child in America.

By taking part in creating and adopting local policy and holding leaders accountable for the successful administration of those policies, accountability will flow up to the State level and then influence accountability for Federal policies and regulations.

When we successfully navigate through the sea of funding policies and procedures and set our course on the successful education of our children, we will weather the storm of failure and realize a brighter future for America.

Join the Movement to Save Our Children!

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