Another Pig In A Poke

The Governor’s Plan for Education:

Increasing Funding for Education: Focus on creating a world-class education system that will fully prepare all of New York’s students to compete in the 21st Century economy. The Budget includes an increase of nearly $1 billion in education aid.

*We must prepare our children to succeed in life not compete for money!

Pre-kindergarten Program Expansion: The Budget provides additional investments in pre-kindergarten with an emphasis on high quality, full-day pre-k. Funding is targeted toward higher need students in lower wealth school districts via a competitive process. ($25 million)

*All children deserve the opportunity to experience a pre-kindergarten education.

State Increases Tied to Teacher Evaluations: The Budget continues to tie increases in funding for education to the implementation of a teacher evaluation system. No teacher evaluations means no state increase.

*How much of the $1 billion will be earmarked for this intimidation practice?

Extended Learning Time: The state will cover the full cost of expanding learning time for students. ($20 million)

*Through the generous donations of “BB” our children will be asked to stay in school longer to fail.

Community Schools: The Budget supports an innovative program designed to transform schools into community hubs that integrate social, health and other services, as well as after-school programming to support students and their families. ($15 million)

*The State is calling for the consolidation of schools and students into central locations, closing neighborhood schools and increasing class size.

Reward High-Performing Teachers: The plan ($11 million) supports 183 most effective teachers.

*Who determines which 183 will receive this reward?

Early College High School Programs: To improve college access and success, the Budget provides new state funding to expand Early College High School programs. ($4 million)

*In an excellent system of education, high school is early college. What about students who do not wish to go to college?

Bar Exam for Teachers:

*How much will this take away from the $1 billion?

The Governor’s education budget proposal does not support a child centered education, it supports the profits of “BB” which insures their failure.

If it sounds to good to be true, it generally is.

Join the Movement to Save Our Children!

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