Teach Fishing

Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day, teach him how to fish and you feed him for a lifetime.

Many people are in Washington to speak their Representatives hoping to save their particular program from the sequester cuts, each believing that their program will not survive without funding from the federal government.

What those individuals don’t realize is that they are the reason these programs work and funding is why our society is failing.

There can only be one reason for children in America to suffer from childhood obesity at the same time that they are starving, mentally and spiritually, mis-education.

Through the eyes of mis-education, parents are incapable of properly caring for their children and therefore the government must control their actions and decisions as to what is best for their child. Conversely, mis-education has created a society that has become reliant on being taken care of. The more reliant they become, the more federal programs are necessary to support their learned incompetency.

Social programs should be teaching fishing but instead, hand out fish to such an extent that we are an obese nation whose children are starving for knowledge.

The overwhelming health problem in America is that our children are sick of attending an institution that refuses to acknowledge their intelligence or their relevance to the world in which they live.

A great many people in Washington are hoping to save their social program from sequester cuts. There are a great many people in America who are reliant on the government to meet their needs when they should be given the opportunity to rely on their God, their family, their neighbors, and their communities, to teach them how to fish.

More money is not the answer, more humanity is.

We must begin to properly educate our children so that they no longer sit and wait to be fed but have the courage and the strength to believe that they can not only learn how to fish but learn to be a successful fisherman.

Join the Movement to Save Our Children!

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