Sequester: A general cut in government spending.

The national debt is nearing 17 trillion dollars!

Why did our nation’s leaders wait until the deficit became this large before cutting government spending?

This is another manifestation of the mis-education of the American people by “BB” in order to insure future profits and maintain control of the attitudes and perceptions that keep America spending whether we can afford to or not.

What does the sequester mean for education? According to the Washington Post, the Head Start program will lose $406 million and will have to drop 70,000 children from the program, Special Education will lose $840 million and Public Housing will lose $1.94 billion.

Early childhood education, giving our children a Head Start, should be the one area of government spending protected from any cuts. We, as a country, cannot continue to ignore the truth of the importance of providing and excellent education to all of our nation’s children. A properly educated populous would never have allowed spending to spiral out of control like this.

An educated populous understands that you cannot, or at least should not, spend money that you don’t have. An educated populous understands that our children are our greatest hope for a successful future in America. An educated populous knows that we must reinvest in America and that means providing our youngest with an excellent education.

Yes, we must cut federal spending and the only way to do that is to hold everyone accountable for the monies they are already receiving. Education is failing our children; hold our educational leaders accountable for creating a successful system of education.

A child centered system of education connects the family, connects the family to the school, the school to the community, and the community to its responsibility as Americans to elect leaders who believe that the greatness of America comes from its people, not from its pocket.

We don’t need a 21st Century workforce, our children deserve an excellent education.

If America is to make real, sustainable, economic progress, it must invest in its greatest resource, Americans.

Join the Movement to Save Our Children!

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