Unthinkable, starring Samuel L Jackson, tells the story of the United States government using an expert on torture, Jackson’s character, to extract the locations of three nuclear bombs that were placed in three large urban areas in America.

As the story continues, the audience learns that the terrorist is an American, specially trained by the government. We also learn that the terrorist’s only demand is to end the war and take American troops out of the Middle East.

Even though the government brought Jackson in, they continue to question his methods when, in the final hours, Jackson’s character kills the wife of the terrorist. The torture becomes unthinkable when the terrorist’s children are brought in to Jackson, which was also approved by government officials. In the end, two children were saved and thousands of innocent people died.

Though most of the audience focused on Jackson’s character as the antagonist, the author’s intent was to show that Jackson was not an evil monster, he was doing his job, the evil came from the circumstances that created the monstrous occupation. The question, even for the protagonist, was not one of the morality of torture but of its effectiveness.

The movie showed that torturing and/or killing children was acceptable if it would guarantee results.

The educational torture and killing of children has been accepted by our government for far too long simply because it guarantees profits for “BB”.

The wealthy know that a child centered education is the best that money can buy. Private and public charters understand that low class sizes and experiential learning produce educational success.

The question, why public education, the education provided to our nation’s largest population, children of poverty, is not the same child centered system of education of the wealthy?

A child centered system of education is less expensive and provides everyone with the opportunity to succeed. The neighborhood public school, as the hub of the community can reconnect American communities to strengthen our infrastructure, making America great from the inside out.

This is a question of morality and effectiveness.

Join the Movement to Save Our Children!

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