Ask And You May Receive

The Administration for Children and Families was created April 15, 1991, under authority of section 6 of the Reorganization Plan No. 1 of 1953.

The PACT project, adopted by this federal agency, is a formative evaluation whose overall objective is to document and provide initial assessment of selected Responsible Fatherhood and Healthy Marriage grant programs that were authorized under the 2010 Claims Resolution Act. This information will be critical to informing decisions related to future investments in this kind of programming as well as the design and operation of such services.

Currently in our country, whoever expresses the greatest need for funding and is familiar with the many governmental agencies, local, state, and federal, that offer a multitude of grants, can receive funding. However millions of dollars remain underutilized because many not-for-profit agencies don’t know about the grants or simply don’t know how to apply for them. This is the reason why major corporations and organizations retain a grant writer on their staff.

Educational dollars are disbursed in the same manner. It is not so much which school, LEA or state needs financial support, many times, it is a matter of which entity has the best grant writer.

Funding education should not be contest where some win and some loose. When some loose, we all loose, because it becomes our responsibility as Americans to care for those who loose. What we fail to realize is the more people we have to take care of the more tax dollars our government will need from its citizens to do so.

By reducing government at the federal level and increasing the responsibility of government at the local level, and holding local and state education leaders accountable for the success of their education systems and programs, we can reduce our reliance on federal support for those programs that were put in place to care for those who inappropriately graduate, fail, and drop out of the learning environment.

Once we create and successfully implement an excellent system of education for all of America’s children, they will be able to take care of themselves.

Join the Movement to Save Our Children!

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