Pottersville The Remake

The Greatest Gift“, written by Philip Van Doren Stern in 1939, and privately published by the author in 1945 was the inspiration for the movie, “It’s A Wonderful Life” produced in 1946.

One of the most loved films of all times, George Bailey, being told by Mr. Potter, the regions wealthiest man, that he was worth more dead than alive decides to commit suicide to save his family’s bank and the town from falling into the hands of Potter. Clarence the angel saves him by showing him that his worth is not measured in dollars but in his integrity and humanity. In the end, all of the people he helped, help him, the bank and the town are saved and Clarence earns his wings.

Yesterday, Governor Cuomo came to Rochester to lay out his plans for our children and New York State.

For our children he wants longer days and a longer school year. The governor has been told and believes that if our children are in school for twelve hours a day, 200 days a year that the graduation rate will increase and our children will be better educated. Unfortunately, a high truancy and drop out rate tells us that it makes no sense increase the time children spend in school when they don’t even attend school during regular hours.

For New York State, he wants gambling casinos.

With Governor Cuomo leading us, New York’s future is as bleak as that of Bedford Falls without George Baily.

Our children will be in school all day so their parents can work in the casino’s without having to worry about them. Children will graduate knowing that their career will be dealing cards or serving drinks in the wonderful world of the rising moderate to middle class.

In 1946 we were shown two different views of the world. One in which humanity and integrity rule and the other in which “BB” is in control.

Our children deserve an excellent system of education, not more time in a failing one. Our State deserves to be great because of its great citizens.

Join the Movement to Save Our Children!

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