In Honor of President Lincoln

“Better to remain silent and be thought a fool than to speak out and remove all doubt”, President Abraham Lincoln.

Those who have spoken the loudest in education for the last century have removed all doubt of their ability to provide an excellent education to ALL of America’s children.

It is time now, for those who have remained silent yet steadfast in the effort to bring about widespread, fundamental, sustainable, child centered reform to our system of education, to raise our voice in solidarity and support those political leaders who would join in the effort to create a system of education that was intended to make America a nation in which the level of a person’s integrity is more important than the size of their bank account.

It is time to recognize the human in humanity.

Once we begin to hold ourselves to a higher standard of integrity we will naturally begin to expect the same of our children. Once we can again, respect ourselves, our children can respect us and in doing so, respect themselves.

This is not “new age”, “hippie” or “religious cult” talk. This is the common sense that those who championed public education more than a hundred years ago proposed and supported until the business model raised its voice and our children became profit margins and they, along with our nation, began to fail.

It is 2013, we know about multiple intelligences theory, we know about the importance of early childhood education, nutrition, developmental milestones, engaged learning, and all of the other research completed by all of the other researchers who agree that until we focus our educational attention on the child, we will continue to fail them educationally.

It is time to raise our voice and remove all doubt that we, the people, will effect true education reform and will work tirelessly to create a system of education that is successful for ALL children.

Our children deserve to respect themselves and others. They deserve to lead a life of integrity. Our children deserve to be successful and happy.

Join the Movement to Save Our Children!

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