The People Are The Power

Our government has made it easy to logically and responsibly address issues of education with researched based data.

No Child Left Behind was initiated in the 90’s and, as the initial data came in, all signs were positive as it is with any change in any system. Then, as the long term data was analyzed, the results weren’t so positive.

The government reported all of this data and by the Obama administration, Race To The Top was the education reform everyone ignored until it became apparent that the reformed Elementary Secondary Education Act was worse than its parent NCLB.

Secretary Duncan’s re-authorization of ESEA, The Blueprint for Reform and Built for Teachers documents were introduced in 2010 and H.R. 555, The Universal Prekindergarten Act in 2011. All three documents have been sitting without consideration long enough for anyone who would read them to do so and for any one who would wish to amend them, to do so.

That is the greatness of our country, the citizens of America truly do have a voice, we simply choose not to use it. Americans, citizens of the greatest country on Earth, who are, by law, guaranteed the right to freedom of speech are more silent than those who are oppressed. Our First Amendment rights protect our right to speak out against an inefficient and ineffective government yet we remain silent for fear of having to shoulder the responsibility of being a leader and affecting change.

Our government has provided us with every opportunity to do our due diligence as responsible citizens. It is up to each of us to demand, if necessary, to be heard.

Any grassroots organization relying on monetary support to carry its cause does not believe in the power of the American system of government. We are free because our elected officials are not supposed to be influenced by anything more than the voices of their constituents.

When we, as citizens, take our responsibilities seriously, the system works for everyone and our government becomes one of the people, by the people, for the people.

Join the Movement to Save Our Children!

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