Presidential Perspective

In Education Week, guest writer Gerald Coles states, “Regrettably, they (Obama’s education policies) embrace an intention to continue to support and promote the corporate-influenced assumptions and policies of his first term.”

President Obama seems unfamiliar with the overwhelming issues plaguing education and must rely on those who were and are proponents of the corporate system of education for guidance. This is exactly why, as concerned citizens, we must unite and bring the reality of mis-education to the forefront of our nation’s attention.

President Obama’s State of the Union addressed educational priorities in the form of modern schools, only 3 of every 10 four year olds are enrolled in prekindergarten, and high quality pre-schools for every child in America. The President noted the success of Georgia and Oklahoma’s prekindergarten programs.

Unfortunately, the President didn’t mention that Education Secretary Duncan’s Blueprint for Reform and Built for Teachers documents that address the re-authorization of the Elementary and Secondary Education Act has been lying dormant since 2010 and H.R. 555 The Universal Prekindergarten Act has been in Congress since 2011 with no action.

The most encouraging aspect of President Obama’s address was his call for action by the citizenry of America. However, if our leaders are going to ask citizens to become involved in their government then they must take seriously those who have already shown that they are committed to fulfilling their civic responsibilities.

Too many have worked tirelessly to research and develop plans and strategies to address the issues in education that keep us, as a nation, from providing all of our children with an excellent education only to be ignored or placated and then dismissed by elected and appointed leaders. Many have fought with local government and testified before state government to no avail.

The grassroots movement that President Obama is calling for has been active for decades. Warriors in the battle for a better system of education have been out gunned by the heavy artillery (money) of big business and their political connections and relationships.

We are speaking up for our children, it’s time the government started listening.

Join the Movement to Save Our Children!

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